File Boxes

Low cost file boxes for your business

Archive Management File Boxes makes organising paper archives easier. Without punching holes in your documents, the File Boxes can fit the equivalent of two (Small File Box) or four (Large File Box) lever arch folders. They are super strong and the lowest cost file boxes in the market. 

Similar size File Boxes in the market costs $11+ each. However, Archive Management File Boxes only costs $3.30 each for the Small File Box and $6.60 each for the Large File Box. Following are a couple examples of Archive Management File Box in use.

Small File Box (Code 9120)

Small File Box is our best-selling file box. It is popular for being low cost and so easy to handle. Each only costs $3.30, and it comes in either pack of 20 or 48. Its size is equivalent to 1/3 of Standard Archive Box. It makes for lighter, easier and safer file retrieval.

Large File Box (Code 9240)

Large File Box is twice as wide as Small File Box but still easy to handle. Each only costs $6.60, and it comes in pack of 5 or 24. Its size is equivalent to 2/3 of Standard Archive Box. It is a balance of convenience and practicality.

Premium Standard Archive Box (Code AB1315)

Archive Management Premium Standard Archive Box is also the lowest cost in the market for the super strong quality. And it has the old-style attached lid. Each only costs $7.15, and it comes in a pack of 5 or 20. Other similar quality boxes cost $11+. It is high quality because it uses strong and durable material from plantation forests rather than recycled cardboard. It is designed to stand the test of time.

Archive Management Premium Standard Box is the appropriate dimensions for offsite storage facilities. It is the best-quality Standard Archive Box in the market and represents unbeatable value. Combined with Small File Box or Large File Box, it lets you organise your archives easily.