How it works

Storage System

The patented Archive Storage System is made up of stackable, front-entry boxes containing neat, efficient file boxes – no space is wasted.

It can be assembled almost anywhere, up to 9ft high, in limitless configurations that can grow with your needs and be easily relocated.

It’s also quick and easy to assemble yourself.

There are four core products to the system:

  • Front-opening interlocking Container Boxes that stack up to nine times, or 9ft in height. Just one box can hold the same amount of paper contained in eight lever arch folders.
  • Neat, efficient file boxes to store your documents, available in two sizes. The Small File Box can store the contents of two bound lever arch folders, and the Large File Box will fit double this. One container box will fit four small file boxes, or two large file boxes.
  • Aluminium Support Bars offer additional strength and are necessary for systems stacked more than six boxes high.
  • High-density polystyrene Floor Sheets protect the system from any ground moisture and make the bottom row of boxes easier to access.

Get up and running now with the Storage Starter Kit, or view all Archive Storage System products.

Binding System

The smart Archive Binding System transfers your documents into a compact format ready for storage, reducing your space requirements by half.

The system allows you to easily remove documents from lever arch folders, bind, label and file away in an easy-to-retrieve format.

It uses Loeffs Patent products made in Holland, and comprises of binders, labels, file covers and the Lift Boy, the key to effortlessly extracting documents.

Watch these simple steps on using the system.

Get started now with the Binder Starter Kit, reorder with the Binder Add-on Kit, or view all Archive Binding System products.