See it in action


For those starting with a lever arch folder needing to be archived


Place the feet of the Loeffs Patent Lift Boy under the document stack and press the prongs against the metal rings of the lever arch folder


Pull the feet of the Lift Boy upwards, transferring the document stack to the top of the Lift Boy


Flip the document stack over and place on the table. Screw a Loeffs Patent Screwbinder onto the two prongs of the Lift Boy


Slide the document stack onto the Screwbinder


With the document stack completely on the Screwbinder,unscrew the Screwbinder from the Lift Boy


Fold the ends of the Screwbinder down onto the document stack parallel with the spine


Fold the tab of the Identification Label around the spine of the document stack and tuck it underneath the base of the Screwbinder


Your documents are now bound and ready for storage


Lever arch folders are widely used by many organisations for their active files as they enable additional paperwork to be easily added and accessed. However, lever arch folders are not a very efficient way of storing files for the longer term.

An excellent solution for resolving this storage problem is the Loeff’s Patent Binding System. Quickly and easily extract the contents of a lever arch folder then bind, label and file away in a compact and easily accessible format. Converting the contents of the lever arch folder into a Loeff’s bound document typically results in a storage space saving of 50% whilst also enabling you to reuse your lever arch folder.

The Loeff’s Patent Binding System dove tails neatly with the Archive Storage System with each Small File Box designed to hold the contents of two full (and bound) lever arch folders.